New board for student association

A growing community of overseas
students is setting its sights on advocacy.

The Cayman Islands Student
Association, formerly known as the Overseas Student Association, was started in
1986 by a group of young Caymanian students studying overseas who were seeking
support and an opportunity to network.

Presently, the organisation
consists of current students, recent graduates, and former students from
universities and colleges around the world.

The non-profit organisation formed
a constitution agreeing to, among other things, promote tertiary education,
provide counselling and mentoring, and help students acquire scholarships.

The association recently elected
nine members to its Board of Directors, this year adding the new position of
vice president of advocacy. The position was created with the hope of
increasing public awareness of issues students face. The vice president of advocacy
will act as a media liaison and as a voice for students in the Cayman Islands.

The 2010-2011 CISA board members
are: president, Victor Crumbly; president-elect, Chris Gourzong; vice president
of membership, Erika Walton; vice president of events, Kamala Murugesu; vice
president of advocacy, Tristanna Ebanks; treasurer, Erica Bush; and secretary,
Leslie Wilson.


From left: vice president of events, Ka-mala Murugesu; vice president of membership, Erika Walton; vice president of advocacy, Tristanna Ebanks; president, Victor Crumbly; treasurer, Erica Bush; secretary, Leslie Wilson; and president-elect, Chris Gourzong.
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