The fast way to tackle bullies

A FAST Defense children’s
anti-bullying seminar was taught at Laura Ribbon’s Fitness Connection recently
and it went down really well.

Since being introduced to the
Cayman Islands last year, Fast Adrenal Stress Training has become extremely
popular because instructor Bob Daigle and his ‘bulletmen’ make the seminars as
realistic yet fun. FAST Defense teaches how best to respond to predators in the
street by initially using body language and verbal skills but if necessary how
to ‘flip the switch’ and fight back most effectively. The anti-bullying classes
are one of the other self-defence programmes Daigle teaches to youngsters,
valuable life skills that kids and parents alike thoroughly appreciate.

Ribbon said: “The parents,and
children loved this seminar. I definitely was impressed with what I saw and
would love to have the FAST Defense team back at our studio soon.”

Mark Vandevelde had his young
daughter attend and he said: “I highly recommend this course. I will be telling
my friends about it and encourage parents send their children to future

“Demand for this particular seminar
has exploded,” Daigle said. We plan on teaching a number of these seminars again
from this month.”

Daigle recently went to Colorado to
take part in a seven-day FAST instructor camp to become a ‘super’ instructor
from the FAST Defense founder, Bill Kipp. Besides Kipp, there is only one other
super-instructor in the world and he is based in Europe.

“I would like to thank Jude Scott
and the Scott family for their sponsorship of the trip,” Daigle said. “Without
this help I would not have been able to take advantage of this opportunity to
learn more. Cayman is the first Caribbean country to teach FAST Defense and we
intend to spread it across the region.

Natalie Schneider, an instructor at
Fitness Connection, said: “I attended the FAST Defense seminar and I felt much
more knowledgeable and empowered afterwards. The instructors teach you the
step-by-step techniques to protect yourself from an aggressor. Not only do you
learn the physical tactics, but they teach you how to verbally de-escalate a
situation, which I thought was very useful. Practicing the moves on the bullet
men also give you the adrenaline rush one would expect during a real assault,
thus making the experience seem authentic.

“We have held several seminars here
at Fitness Connection and we are definitely interested in holding more, since
the safety of our community is of our utmost concern. The last session was
attended by many teens and their parents, all of whom left with high praise.
From the office we could hear the girls cheering each other on when they were
in combat with the bullet men. We find there are many mothers who enrol their
daughters to empower them as well as ensure that they are capable of self
defence. From our experience this is a worthwhile, fun and exciting seminar.”

As well as the FAST Defense
seminars, Daigle is organising mixed martial arts events in the Cayman Islands.
In June he brought over UFC lightweight star Kenny Florian and on 16 October,
two-time UFC heavyweight champ Frank Mir will be here for two seminars and to
meet fans at Aqua Beach Bar.

For more information about future seminars and Mir’s visit, contact
Bob Daigle at [email protected]


  1. This sounds like a great step towards curbing the frustrations of bullies – good idea.

    On a side note if I may: The CayCompass website is my primary source of local news, and for the most part I feel it to be the best. I read the online paper every day. Lately I’ve been getting the feeling, however, that I read more about what has happened than what is upcoming, which means we get great coverage of stories past – but miss out on being a part of so much that goes on here.

    I truly appreciate that journalism is about investigating things that have happened, but I think I’m not alone in wondering why – in such a small place – we don’t always hear about great things on offer here.

    I’m sure a lot is advertised that I perhaps miss, very likely in fact, but could it be worthwhile for a news powerhouse such as to do stories on forthcoming events?

    Thank you, TJP

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