Karting track in 3D

Karters at Cayman Karting who want
to gain an advantage on their competitors or newbies who want to familiarise
themselves with the course before sitting behind the wheel of the low-slung racers
can now study the track in 3D on Google Earth.

The track is the first model of a
structure in Cayman to appear in 3D on Google Earth, according to Cayman
Karting’s owner Alasdair Foster.

“An accurate representation of the
Cayman Karting track and surrounding site has been approved and added to their
public site,” he said.

Google Earth enables viewers to see
satellite imagery of the Earth from space and to zoom in on specific locations.
The site also lets users see the surface of Mars and the moon.

It can now show 3D images of
buildings and structures which are modelled and submitted by Google Earth

Andy Anderson created the 3D model
of the Cayman Karting track, which opened in February, complete with the
track’s barriers, traffic lights and Red Bull arch over the start/finish

“Thus, whilst the Google Earth
satellite data for Grand Cayman is not sufficiently up to date to show the kart
track, keen karters can still study the track at home,” said Mr. Foster.

“We’ve had numerous requests for a
diagram of the track for those who want to try and derive the optimal racing
line. I think we’ve gone one better with this 3D model which lets users spin
the track round and examine it from any angle,” he said.

Mr. Foster said an online presence
was important for his business, which already has more than 1,300 fans on

“We’ve just been added to
Tripadvisor and being seen on Youtube, Google Maps and Google Earth all helps
to increase awareness of the track both locally and abroad,” he said.

A link to the Google Earth model
can be found on the Cayman Karting website at www.caymankarting.com.


Map of the Cayman Karting track on Google Earth.
Photo: Submitted

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