Pair recalls the sweet life

The husband and wife team of Gordon
and Alta Solomon are joining forces in the exhibition Sweet Life: Infinite
Games being staged at arteccentrix fine art gallery from 23 September.

The multi-talented artists – who
are also poets and musicians – are exhibiting 20 canvasses and paintings in
their first-ever duo show at the Governors Square gallery.

The gallery’s owner, Nickola
McCoy-Snell, said, “As the curator of the Sweet Life exhibition, I find the mix
of photography and fine art… to be a great mix. This husband and wife team
works great together and play off each other’s work well.”

“The simplicity of the childhood
games and memories depicted takes you back to a simpler time. This is the
perfect exhibition to wind down the summer with, as the colours and subject
matters are so real and true to each one of us. Summer love, summer sun and
summer fun show you the full picture of a Sweet Life.”

According to Mr. Solomon, “Sweet
Life: Infinite Games is partly a call to rediscover the innocence and wonder we
had growing up as kids, as opposed to the jadedness and cynicism most of us
feel now.

“Infinite games is the first in the
collection surveying the high frequencies of love, laughter, play, singing and
dance. The concept came after reading pages from a new book – There is a
Spiritual Solution to Every Problem by Wayne Dyer — and ideas found in Deepak
Chopra’s Ageless Body, Timeless Mind.”

Mrs. Solomon said, “Having read
such philosophies, Gordon and I now take the opportunity once a day to bring
out the child inside of us, reminding ourselves of the child we were. The
thinking is that some of those memories may also hold the key to youthfulness
if revisited regularly.”

Inspired by this outlook, the
couple have created images which celebrate and reflect that outlook, and Sweet
Life: Infinite Games is the result.

Whimsical, playful and intuitive,
the Solomons hope that their latest offerings will inspire their visitors to
relax a little and get back to the virtual playground “where time stands still
and healing abounds.”

“For this exhibit, my choice of
photography are those things that are sometimes missed, passed by in our daily
hustle and bustle, like in the photograph Bees and Blossoms,” said Mrs.

She recalls that the shot was taken
one evening in their backyard in Newlands.

“…while our children were
climbing the plum tree and chasing the wild chickens… I heard a soft humming
from the lime tree,” she recalled.

“Bees were gorging themselves on
the flowers that were in full bloom. I grabbed my camera and focused in on the
beauty that we don’t often notice.”

She said the scene reminded her of
the simplicity of life at its most basic.”

“As a child I remember playing in
our yard on Cayman Brac and collecting bugs, beetles, dragon flies, small
scorpions. I kept them in a glass box like treasures. When the Mexican Creeper
vines were in bloom,” she said, “we’d fashion crowns from them, marvelling at
the colours and intricate designs of small pink flowers.”

The show aims to epitomise the
aspects of life that mainly go unnoticed. “My fascination lies in the micro
observation of these natural wonders and the dissection of their unique
presentation through my camera lens,” she added.

All the artwork is for sale, with
several of the smaller pieces starting at around $150 to $250 each, the curator

The opening night of Sweet Life:
Infinite Games runs from 6-8.30pm,  and
includes complimentary wine and canapés. The show ends on 9 October. To view
the show’s catalogue, visit

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