There’s no mystery to class

Cayman’s newest bar is a
high-concept creation that brings together the feel of a top-end New York bar
with Asian karaoke rooms and private business meeting areas.

Enigma’s visionary, Ishmael
DaSilva, said that the idea behind the bar was to provide something unique to
Cayman with an exclusive and high-quality feel.

“I travelled a bit, I saw what I
liked and I brought it back. We contracted interior designers Avenue B group
from Miami, who have created places from scratch all over the region as well as
in South Beach, and everything in here is custom-made specially for Enigma. I
integrated some patriotic duty into the place with the waves theme that you see
all over the place,” he said.

The wave theme ranges from the
design of the bar to the walls in the private back rooms, plus a few extra
hidden places that DaSilva said he is keen for customers to find out for

The back rooms are decked out in
various colours and will be completely soundproofed. Each features a
multi-lingual karaoke machine plus a Nintendo Wii and a unique touch-screen
ordering system which allows for the utmost privacy for those keen to unwind in
private. It’s also possible to book out the rooms for business meetings as each
will be fully hooked up to the net.


Complex but accessible

With a mix of live music, DJs and
drinks specials – from a $3.50 beer to a cocktail costing several hundred
dollars – Enigma is set to cater to every taste. The house cocktail, the
Enigma, is a tangy, more citrus experience – a complex but accessible blend of
fresh ingredients and exclusive flavours.

And should you get hungry, Enigma,
situated at Baytown Plaza, has relationships with locally based eateries that provide
options without the need for a dedicated kitchen.

“We have arrangements with Gino’s
Pizzeria, Thai Orchid and Southern Spice, so there’s a nice broad variety.
Average turnaround time on our side is about three minutes; we deliberately
structured it in a way it wouldn’t take long to get everything,” said Mr.

The official launch last weekend
was the culmination of a growing buzz about the bar – from word of mouth alone,
the place has already experienced several capacity nights since its soft opening
a few weeks ago.

Add to the mix the multilingual
staff, a high-end feel and a DJ booth decked out with top-notch equipment, and
the riddle of Enigma begins to reveal itself. For the rest, you’ll just have to
head down and work it out for yourself.


At the bar, Enigma shimmers.
Photo: Joe Shooman


  1. Yes, but who will come to visit even these establishments until we have Law and Order, safety on the streets and in our homes?

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