Guide to hiring your staff

Hiring the right employee is always a challenging process but for a
small business hiring the wrong employee is expensive, costly and

The managing director of
Cayman-based personnel recruitment agency Affinity Personnel Solutions Ltd,
Michele Aubert, says that it’s important for small businesses to justify the
need for a new or replacement employee from the outset. She urges small
business owners to think creatively about how to accomplish the work without
adding staff, and to ask themselves whether there are ways to improve processes
and eliminate work they don’t need to do – such as dividing work differently
and outsourcing, if it is cost-effective.


Key steps to hiring
the right employee

Aubert suggests that the following
methods will increase the chances of hiring the best possible job applicants
starting with a job analysis:

A job analysis enables businesses
to collect information about the work duties, tasks, responsibilities,
necessary skills, outcomes, and work environment of a particular job.

A job description should include
the overall position description with general areas of responsibility listed,
essential functions of the job described, with a couple of examples of each.

It should include required
knowledge, skills, and abilities, as well as required education and experience,
a description of the physical demands, and a description of the work

A well-developed job description
can help to articulate the most important outcomes you expect from an employee
performing a particular role.

Aubert says small business owners
and managers should, “develop and prioritise the key requirements needed from
the position and the special qualifications, characteristics and experience you
seek in a candidate. Your company and your process may vary, but these
components give the employee clear direction.”


Ways to effectively
advertise positions

Effective advertising is a crucial
first step in getting the best candidate for your business.

Spread word-of-mouth information
about the position’s availability in your company and to your network of
friends, family and business associates.

Use the most effective media

Contact a recruitment agency if
your budget allows. As recruitment specialists, such agencies have an arsenal
of well-developed contacts and a pool of experience in job profiling and
finding suitable applicants.


Screening resumes

The work of reviewing resumes can
be made easier if you have a well-written job description.

Review credentials and applications

Screen all applicants against this
list of qualifications, skills, experience, and characteristics.

Getting the most out
of a job interview

The job interview is a key tool all
employers should use in hiring staff. Aubert advises small business owners to
carefully assess the core skills the ideal candidate will bring to the post and
frame the job interview questions accordingly. She maintains that asking the
right interview questions are critical in magnifying the power of the job
interview to help hire the right employee.


Undertake background checks

You need to verify that all the
presented credentials, skills and experience are possessed by the short-listed

Checks should include work
references, especially from former supervisors, and educational credentials.

Skimping or neglecting this facet
when hiring may backfire and result in wasted time and money further down the

Once you select the most promising
candidate, it is important to have an employment contract, which should include
a statement of working conditions.


Employment contracts

Employment contracts are a vital
part of the entire hiring process.

“A job offer letter is an informal
employment contract that usually spells out just the basics, while an
employment contract is a written legal document that lays out terms and
conditions of employment between an employee and an employer,” Aubert says.

The Cayman Islands Labour Law (2007
Revision) section 6. 1. Notes the following:

Every employer who enters into a
contract of employment with an employee other than a casual employee or a
person employed as a household domestic shall, within 10 working days of
entering into such contract, furnish the employee with a written statement of
working conditions of employment in accordance with subsection (2).

The main contents of the written
statement referred to are:

The job title, a brief statement of
the general responsibilities and duties; the regular hours of work; the rate if
remuneration (salary/wages) to be paid and when to be paid; the period of
probation, if any; holiday and sick leave entitlement, and the length of notice
which is to be given and is to be received to terminate the contract of


Employee retention

Key employee retention is critical
to the long-term success of any business, regardless of its size.

Aubert says, “Most business owners
agree that retaining employees ensures customer satisfaction, increased product
sales, satisfied co-workers and deeply imbedded company knowledge.”

She says to retain employees,
communicate goals, roles and responsibilities so employees know what is
expected and feel like part of the team.

Exit interviews with departing
employees provide valuable information you can use to retain remaining staff.
Listen to their results. You’ll never have a more significant source of data
about the health of your organisation.

“From my experience as a business
ownerit is important your employees feel rewarded, recognised and appreciated,
saying thank you goes a long way and is greatly valued and appreciated,” Aubert

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