It’s simply the wedding business

When it comes to
small businesses in the Cayman Islands, few are as streamlined and effective as
Simply Weddings, where couples can exchange nuptials in a customized fashion
without overspending.

The company’s
founder, former Cayman Islands chief education officer Joy Basdeo, said though
she created the business with cruise passengers in mind, Simply Weddings also
caters to residents and stay-over visitors.

There are several
reasons the business is a success. Among them: the attention to detail and
personalized service customers receive from Joy and her team. That has helped
the business handle 106 weddings – and counting —  in the first six months of this year.

The entrepreneur credits
a lot of her success to social networking on the internet and to the Cayman
Islands investment Bureau for holding a workshop that helped people learn how
to use the internet as a tool for marketing their business.  She now says social networking online is one
of her passions in life and admits to spending up to four hours a day promoting
her business via the internet.

“I use all the tools
at my disposal to let people know about the services we provide, but I have
found the internet to be particularly effective, mostly because of the
interaction between you and potential clients, as well as the amount of people
that your product is exposed to,” she said.

Simply Weddings
opened in 2009 following Mrs. Basdeo’s retirement four years earlier from a
32-year career in education. However, she was no stranger to the business of
wedding planning, as she had worked with her mother, who is also in the
business. To this day, both she and her mother work together, with Joy doing
most of the cruise couples and her mother focusing on residents.

Mrs. Basdeo is also
certified as a civil registrar, and thus able to officiate weddings, in
addition to the planning duties that the company offers. She notes that this is
another unique service that sets both her and her mother’s businesses apart.

“We plan and
officiate the weddings we do, which allows our services to be centralized and
just about everything can be done at the one stop,” she said.

The company also
outsources some work to several vendors. Joy said she tries to make sure these
are Caymanian-owned in order to spread the business around the community.

“We focus on the
wedding, and we have people we use for photography, catering, cakes, flowers
and transportation,” said Mrs. Basdeo, who added that this approach makes the
company’s weddings elegant, personalized and simple.      

Simply Weddings does
roughly one cruise wedding per day, while vow renewals account for 20 per cent
of their business. Packages offered by the company include no frills,
all-inclusive and a la carte, which essentially offers clients the luxury of an
itemized list.

Mrs. Basdeo said a
lot of her weddings are on the beach, but she also conducts services at hotels,
private villas and condos.

To get in touch with
Simply Weddings, visit the web page at or the
company’s Facebook page at Facebook/Simply Weddings. Those interested may also
call Joy and the team at Simply Weddings at 949-9933.

Simply Weddings is
located off North Church Street, across the road from the Dixie Cemetery and
next to Delworth’s Esso.