Big clashes for ring warriors

The newly improved boxing programme
gets another chance to punch above its weight over the weekend with another international

It’s at the D. Dalmain Ebanks gym
and Cayman’s young pugilists want a repeat of their last show when they
emphatically beat the visiting Jamaicans. This time, most of the visitors are
from the Bahamas with a couple from Jamaica.

Head coach Nayon ‘Donie’ Anglin
said: “We’ve had a lot of phone calls and I’m confident in my guys that we’ll
beat them. Bahamas did well against us last time but we still got wins for
Kendall Ebanks and Dariel Ebanks and Jason Parchment got a draw until they gave
it to the Bahamian fighter. Michael Ford fought for the first time last time
and lost but Bahamas did not show anything much to me.”
Parchment may be matched against Justin Sawyer again. Anglin said: “If Jason
feels good and is in the right mood, he will beat Sawyer this time.”

Peter ‘Lightning’ Lewison faces a
tough Jamaican, Eric McField is also on the bill and so will be Dariel, Tafari
Ebanks, Dwayne Anglin and Aaron Powell will make his debut. 

Cayman has a few female boxers who
are aspiring to be world class. One of them is Jessica McFarlane-Richards. She
has overcome injury and worked hard in the gym and was supposed to be matched
but neither Bahamas nor Jamaica could bring over a suitable opponent so she
will be on the next show either in October or November.

Bahamas are sending over six
fighters for possible bouts so the evening is guaranteed to be a hard fought

Troy O’Neil, one of Cayman’s most
experienced boxers, has been taking an active role in coaching the youngsters
and he deserves props for helping prepare the fighters and bringing along the

There are plenty of initiatives
planned to raise the club’s profile and boost the club coffers, including a
quarterly newsletter, calendar that sells advertising for every day of the
year, membership IDs, sportswear contracts and networking with boxing federations
across the US and the Caribbean. Membership is $10 for the year and for the
time being use of the gym is free to members.

Non-members pay $25 a month for
training at the state-of-the-art gym in the Truman Bodden Sports Complex. The
other coaches include Cayman’s world class light-middle Charles ‘The Killa’
Whittaker, who was recently appointed first vice-president, and his trainer
Stormin’ Norman Wilson who recently received a year’s contract to help build up
the boxing programme.

Bahamas coach Andre Seymour said
that it is a joy to be hosted by the Cayman Islands Boxing Association. He
said:  “These guys are training every day
at the boxing gym in Carmichael and they are looking forward to this event.
This is where we are building our programme. We feel that is a good exposure
for our young boxers and will get them started, hopefully on their journey, to
future Olympic Games. When you look at these boxers, a number of them already
have the experience. These boxers right here are the future senior boxers for
the country who we are looking to take over when the established names move on.
We’re building a programme where we always want to have boxers in the feeder

* For tickets and more information,
phone coach Donie Anglin on: 328-2334 or 939-7944.