CayStyle Movement: Out of the blocks with class

Jamaliel Prendergast and Mikhail
Campbell of rap duo CayStyle Movement may not be household names, but all that
could change if the band’s debut single – All Night – goes viral.

Prendergast, whose stage name is
Prenda Blaque and who takes care of most of the producing, and Campbell aka The
Matrixx, who mainly raps, are home-grown talent – 22 years in the making –
whose fast and fluid raps and Cayman specific lyrics make them an upcoming band
to look out for.

The friends and musical
collaborators only recently hit the radar with their latest offering, which is
being picked up by local radio.


Home grown rap

All Night’s instrumentals – a
sample from Holla at Me by Chris Brown and Tyga, which Prendergast remixed –
was not only the inspiration for the single, which recounts a night out from a
young, Caymanian male’s perspective, but gave them the idea for their name.

“The song’s about a typical night
out and how violence has actually become a part of that, even if you’re not
someone who’s involved directly,” said Campbell.

“Even though it’s still supposed to
be an upbeat party song, we wanted to make sure there was a message in it as
well. We always try to say something in our music, to make a statement.”

“There was a verse that I did
spitting in a Caymanian accent; it was something I had been wanting to try for
a while. Anyway, Jamaliel seemed to like how it sounded, so he suggested that
we put together an EP where we just spit straight Caymanian… It wasn’t until
we were almost finished writing this song that he suggested the name CayStyle
Music… Then a couple days later it hit me that it would flow better if we
just straight up called it a Movement, from that day on we became CSM, CayStyle

Recorded using Prendergast’s home
set, the track has a smoothness to it that belies the lack of studio finessing
that went into crafting it.

“Jamaliel’s pretty sick when it
comes to engineering,” Campbell said, happy to give the hip-hop loving IT
technician his due props.


CSM is on a mission

The pair first crossed paths in
high school and have been honing their mad skills as a collaborative unit for
the past four years.

The duo may not have super powers,
but they are on a mission and are encouraging others to jump on board: “The
whole point of our group is to bring a strong Caymanian flavour to the local
hip-hop scene because we don’t really have our own genre of music,” Prendergast

“We want to make music that’s by
us, for us, instead of trying to sound like people from other countries all the
time,” he said.

Campbell, taking up the theme,
said, “The example Jamaliel gave me [was] of dance hall music and how Jamaica
has such a strong local music scene. They make music using their own dialect
and slang that is strictly for them and speaks to their experiences. We wanted
to do something like that.”

And although it seems almost a done
deal these days, All Night’s posting on YouTube is a result they’re hyped about
given the number of views they’ve had in such a short time.  And given the song’s vibe and its effortless
referencing of local slang, places and events, it’s totally relatable.


Ongoing projects, local favourites

Although their first gig was only a
few weeks ago at the newly opened Rooftop Lounge in Mary Street, the direct
feedback CSM got from performing in front of a live audience was something they
both got a lot out of.

For now they want to keep doing
shows, recording music and promoting the single. They are also putting feelers
out for an up-and-coming videographer who can help produce a video to accompany
the track.

When not making music, the lads
like listening to other local musos such as thE iZ.  “They’re doing it bigger than most other
local acts have ever done it. We’re always impressed by their production,” said
Campbell. Prendergast also enjoys the output of DLS, Kmnite and the producers
Dc and Elma Fud.

Local musicians, Paul Chin and
Natasha Kozaily are also high on their play respective lists.


CMS’s global favourites

Artists: Lupe Fiasco, Damian
Marley, Kanye West and Drake.

Producers: Boi 1da (Boy  Wonda),Timbaland, Pharrell Wiliams, Dr. Dre,
Scott Storch and Swiss Beats.

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