De Honeymoon, delightful

The only jitters on opening night
of Donna Tull-Cox’s prize-winning play De Honeymoon Over were those of the
young married couple, Coreen and Dexter McLean. And they had plenty of help
from not-so-well-intentioned friends and family.

The couple, expertly portrayed by
Rita Estevanovich and Fritz McPherson, not only engaged in verbal sparring with
verve and sting, but also mastered perfectly timed stage moves, stomping and
huffing and tossing about of essentials as their home was literally split apart
as their young marriage seemed to unravel.

It was all perfectly delightful and
hilarious, by the way, lest you think you’ve just been led into a version of a
Cayman soap opera.

The charming comedy, staged by the
Cayman National Cultural Foundation, unfolded with plenty of grace, lots of
laughs, and great local phrasing that everyone will understand and take
pleasure in repeating, as when Colleen and her desperate-for-grandchildren Ma
(Lorna Bush, magnificently cast in her first role), sighed and said, “Looka

Looka life, indeed, as it got
complicated when “friends” Wiggie Stanton (Marcia Muttoo) and Buddy Jones
(Michael McLaughlin) mixed things up with unsolicited advice and underhanded
tactics. Meanwhile, Ma carried on with her long-winded phone conversations,
trying to sort things out while still not missing any of the several funerals a
day she attends, whether she knows the deceased or not.

As the plot unfolds, suffice to say
that the raucous and sometimes rowdy journey with clever staging throughout
will draw you into the family’s ‘troubles’ and make you forget about any of
your own.

De Honeymoon Over, directed by the
CNCF’s artistic director, Henry Mutto, assisted by stage manager Donna Reid,
has its final performances this weekend (Friday through Sunday) at the Harquail
Theatre. Tickets are $20. For information, call 949.5477.

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