Soldiers are fearless in battle

Flag football is nearing the
business end of the Caybrew sponsored league and the frothiest game of all is
already a mouth watering prospect. The two top teams are, inevitably, the
Calabash Soldiers and Spin FM 94.9 Hellcats. These teams alternate as champions
every year and judging by the 12-7 victory for the Soldiers on Saturday at the
Ed Bush Field in West Bay, they are marching all the way to the championship
this year.

The Hellcats are the reigning
champs but this was the second time they lost to the Soldiers this season, the
only team to have beaten them.

It was a tight game against an
exceptional Hellcats team but the Soldiers had the extra fire power. Calabash
Solidiers coach Johann Moxam said: “There is very little between the two sides
every year and we both have a lot of respect for each other. Clearly both teams
will battle it out again for the championship this year.”

Moxam reckons his defence was solid
throughout the afternoon. “We were able to stop the Hellcats offence. Our guys
shut down their running game which forced them to try and move the ball via
their passing game. After that our defence forced their quarterback Frecko
Ebanks into throwing some interceptions at key moments. Tyrone ‘TC’ Chantilope
was a monster at defensive back and his interception closed out a very tough
game that we deserved to win.

“Once we got the ball with less
than two minutes in the game the key to victory was that we saw an adjustment
in their defence that allowed us to take a few shots down the field and our
wide receivers were able to get pass West Bay’s secondary. We’ve got a great
group of skilled players on offence and it was a case of catching the Hellcats
out of position and capitalising on our superior athletic abilities at wide
reciever and a great pass by Glen Duran at QB.

“Every year in this league the
Soldiers and Hellcats stare down each other and realise that we are on a
collision course. They hate us and we to go into every battle to beat them and
try to humble them. As champs, they start off with the confidence of being last
year’s winners and we have set out to take back what we deem is rightfully ours
– the title of champions. We both recognise it’s either them or the Calabash
Soldiers that going to be champions. In our league it’s really that simple.

“You’ve got to give that group
credit, Hellcats are a great side and bring it every year just look at their
record over the past decade. They are well coached and have all the physical skills
to dominate along with a ‘gang like’ mentality that intimidates the rest of the

Moxam believes the other teams and
the regular season schedule aren’t as important to both sides as the playoffs
and claiming the title of champs. “We respect the Hellcats but we are the only
team in the league that do not fear them, no matter how much crowd support,
home field advantage or intimidation might go on. The Calabash Soldiers know
that once we focus, play with discipline and execute our game plan we’ll win
the game and beat up on the bullies of the league.”

Moxam feels the championship is
only theirs to lose. “If we show up and handle our business Calabash Soldiers
will be champs at the end. We have all the tools and have been the most
consistent team in the regular season. No excuses we coming to take our title

He says the regular season is like
the appetiser before the main course of the playoffs. “The playoffs are what
Calabash are looking forward to most because that is when it really counts. That’s
when you gotta put up or shut up. Our mentality is simply win it all or the
season has been a failure.”

Third strongest side in the league
has always been the Dog House Bulldogs who have been surprisingly inconsistent
this season. “Dog House will always the bridesmaids of this league due to a
lack composure, heart and mental strength to get it done when it really
counts,” says Moxam. “Look at their record. I have to accept that they beat us
in the regular season. However, we beat ourselves because we were lazy and
complacent and gave up some soft scores. We could have still won the game on
the last play and actually scored until the touchdown was called back on a

“Burger King have a solid squad
with really some good players like Ryan Smith and Brendon Malice but lack the
consistency to beat both Hellcats and Calabash. Maples are pretenders and
reached their summit last season.

“Our group has been solid all year
it’s been all about the team and it’s the collective parts who sacrifice their individual
stats in the best interest of the team that have lead to our success thus far.
Guys like Will Peguero, TC (best corner back all year), Leslie Harvey, Nas and
our offensive line – Nicholas and Big Drew Graham, Lil Rigg and Ed Howard –
have played consistently and given our quarterback the time to make the right
choices and put the ball into the hands of our playmakers. What makes us so
tough is that even though we got some great individual players they all believe
in the concept of team success and doing their job. As great as Les Harvey,
Will Peguero, Sean Moyle and Nigel Solomon are as individual threats, they are
even better team players so that type of chemistry and commitment to the team
helps to keep egos in check and the Calabash Soldiers focused on our goal.”

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