Electronic newspapers coming to iPad?

California company Apple might release an application for
its iPad to let users download a wide selection of electronic newspapers, a
computer analyst said.

Apple is believed to have created a new application
called iNewspaper to let users read newspapers in a manner similar to the way
iBooks lets them read books, The Guardian newspaper said.

The virtual newsagent would be separate from Apple’s App
Store, where iPad versions of some newspapers can now be downloaded.

“It is becoming increasingly clear that Apple is the
leader of the pack to get content owners to invest in digital content,”
Ben Wood, an analyst at CCS Insight, said in the report.

Some analysts believe Apple has also created software to
make it easier and cheaper for publishers to create digital versions of
newspapers and magazines.

Apple declined comment on the speculation but was
believed to be in negotiations with publishers over how big a cut it would get
from each subscription and who would control the subscriber’s information.


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