Letters to the Editor: It’s time for a trade school

For too long now generation after
generation my people have all been left out of proper skills and have been,
because of this, left out of making and controlling high positions in the very
skilled employment sector.

Those that come out of school that
cannot go on to any other schools should at least have a proper trade school to
go to. We are losing our future very young; another just shot down before age

They talk to me along the different
parts of Cayman when I ask so many of the young people if they had a proper
trade school, would they go and they always say yes.

But the Government is not trying to
help them and they are angry and are becoming more bitter because they feel
like the Government cares more about other people more than them.

I now ask all that have children in
Cayman, all parents, all children and all others that can help, let us all get
it going even without the help of the Government. Let’s help our children and
ourselves. Let’s put together trade schools in Cayman. This is a special help
requested from all the seamen of Cayman.

My name is Emile Sigmound Levy. I
ask that you call me if you would like to see this happen. 939-1832 or

With the skilled people that are on
the Island helping the unskilled to learn their skills, I know for sure that if
this is put in place we will all have a better Island and a better future.

Put this programme in place, my
people. A lot of the crime will go away and even in the future with skilled
happy people making money and living a peaceful life, we can make this happen
in this Island.

But not with leaders that bicker
about things in the LA.

We must tend to the real needs of
the people. That way they can stop paying those body guards and other
unnecessary expenses that cost the people.

And put an end to classroom debate
and other actions toward each other. Our nation needs to take another look at
the skills of the leaders of Cayman and see how really skilled they are to
really be our leaders.

Now my good God fearing people of
Cayman if you read this message and you see somehow what I am tell you could
help our wandering children, please commit yourself to help in some small way.
Let us start trade school. I would also like to invite to Grand Cayman any
group that would like to help us out here in Grand Cayman that is involved with
trade schools in America or Canada.

As I stated before, we are losing
our young too fast here on Cayman. The guns are the works of Satan. Using them
to take another’s life makes you one of his angels. If you use it doing his
work, you will go to hell.

But there is such an easy answer
that will take the minds of your children off play station killing field and
gang tug life on TV. To the world of learning many different trades that will
help your future be better.

You will be able to be the great
provider, leader, father, head of all your family affairs for you have taken
the time to become a very skilled person that can help your country and all its

The trade school for Cayman is long
overdue. Let us put together a real trade school now.

Emile S. Levy

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