High tempo is the new lick

Back in the day Cayman’s amateur
boxers had to wait months for anything to happen after they had fought. Not
anymore. The new super-improved programme means they can train full-on with the
confidence that as long as they are fit and ready a new challenge is waiting.

The show at the D Dalmain Boxing
Gym on Saturday was a resounding success against boxers from Bahamas and
Jamaica and now the youngsters can set their sights on a trip to Florida in
November to take on the best at the West Palm Beach club. There is also a
possibility of amateur boxers on the white collar show being planned for next

Coach Nayon ‘Donie’ Anglin was
pleased with the latest performances and especially the improvements of novices
like Dwayne Anglin – who fought twice – Tafari Ebanks and the Olympic hopefuls
Dariel Ebanks and Donie’s son Jason Parchment. Kendall Ebanks, the other
Olympic candidate, was injured. Dariel showed incredible bravery and resolve to
keep his eight-bout unbeaten record intact in fighting the third round with a
popped shoulder. He won by knockout with two seconds of the contest remaining.
Peter ‘Lightning’ Lewison pounded out a points victory against his Jamaican
opponent to keep his hopes of Olympic selection alive.

There were only two Cayman losses;
Aaron Powell’s cut nose from training gave the ringside doctor Angella Glidden
no choice but to pull him out in the second round and Erick McField got outworked
in his bout against Godfrey Strachan to lose on points.

Donie said: “Dariel’s arm is in a
sling but he will be okay by November and should be training again by next
week. I know Dwayne as a track athlete and he’s got good legs. I knew he
wouldn’t get mixed up in a tough fight in the first bout and be fresh enough
for a second.

“The Bahamians had a great time and
were fine with all the decisions except for when Justin Sawyer got stopped by
Jason. They felt he deserved another chance to go on but he didn’t have his hands
up when the ref was trying to assess if he should allow him to continue.”

Since the visit of the Jamaicans in
July, Donie has worked solidly with his charges with ample back up from
assistant coach Stormin’ Norman Wilson, who is actually the professional
trainer of Charles ‘The Killa’ Whittaker. Killa helped coached some of the
boxers and worked the corner on Saturday, as did Troy O’Neil, the former novice
Caribbean light-heavy champ.

Tommy Ebanks, step-son of Dee Dee,
the founder of boxing in Cayman, is the new president of the boxing
association. Tommy’s brother Timothy is also on the executive committee and
their mother Esther attended this show. Tommy said: “I’m very happy with
Saturday’s spectator support. We took $3,000 on the gate and I commend the
public for their support. We hope to do 10 shows a year, virtually one a month.
I’m pleased to hear that the national team of Dariel, Jason, Kendall and Tracey
Seymour are training three mornings a week as well as in the evenings. That is
very encouraging. I’m happy the Bahamians and Jamaicans matched their fighters
the best they could to produce such evenly contested bouts.”

There are many plans to boost the
boxing programme, Ebanks said. He added: “We’re also considering organising a
boxing boot camp for the general public to help them maintain an exercise programme.”


Dwayne Anglin had double the challenge.
Photo: Ron Shillingford

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