Update: Invest 95L continues to develop

area of low pressure has formed in the south-central Caribbean Sea and has the
potential to become a tropical depression later today or Thursday.

National Hurricane Centre in Miami gave the weather system a high chance – 60
per cent – of developing into a tropical cyclone by Friday morning.

of Wednesday morning, the weather system, which is known as Invest 95L, was
centred just north of South America and was moving westward at 15 miles per

of the computer models forecast Invest 95L to continue moving westward, well
south of the Cayman Islands, and then to make landfall in Central America
somewhere between northern Nicaragua and northern Belize. Other models predict
the storm to slow down before making a Central America landfall and then being
pulled northward toward the United States.  Some of these models show the
storm coming close to the Cayman Islands.

almost all models agree the system will develop into a tropical cyclone, and if
it reaches tropical storm strength, it will be named Matthew.

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