Garth Humphreys creates a game called Wubble

The best ideas have a simplicity
about them that is irresistible. And online, those are the ideas that can
spread far and fast.

That’s certainly the case with Wubble,
an interactive anagram game created by Garth Humphreys, a young Caymanian with
a brilliant future.

The game concept was developed by
the programmer after a conversation with his fiancée. The themes of bubbles,
the ocean and word games came together quickly. That idea coalesced into what
was originally an online flash game which has now been picked up by global
internet publishing firm, who got it published onto the Apple
iTunes App Store. “Evan Henshaw-Plath of OneAppAtATime had been someone that
was really well-known in the tech industry. He’d worked at Yahoo, was part of
the development team at Twitter at the very beginning and it was a great opportunity.

“When I heard about it I was
excited but there had been some issues with Apple and Flash so it took around
five months for it to go live. I was refreshing and refreshing the App store
then about two hours later it was on there. It has been an awesome experience
to see the hard work and dedication is out there in all the Apple stores



The game will soon be available for
Blackberry and Android phones too. But the hard work has only just begun, said
Mr. Humphreys.

“I’m over the moon to have got to
this point but there are 150,000 to 200,000 apps in the store and the next step
is to promote Wubble. We’re in the middle of that process. The funny thing is,
this game’s been around forever for me, in my head since last July. Now I’m
seeing people get into it and I’m amazed about their reaction, which is getting
me really excited about it.”

The word game is as addictive as it
is fun, and as family-friendly as it is ingenious. It really is easier to play
than to explain, laughed the software developer, who noted that people prefer
to get stuck in to Wubble rather than listen to him talk about how to play.

“The iPad version of Wubble,
because it’s bigger, has an appeal to families. A perfect analogy would be
getting around the camp fire. It has that quality to it: just clean, simple
fun. The simplest form of anything is the most beautiful. It’s a six-letter
word – unscramble it if you can: people just love that simple challenge and
feed into it instantly.

“There’s so much in my head now and
ideas of what to work on next; there’s such a lot going on. I am totally
excited and think this is going to be the beginning of lots of cool things to


Garth Humphreys and the game that is sweeping mobile phones worldwide.
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