Iguanas, orchids featured at UK talks

The rare ghost orchid and
threatened blue iguana will be central to talks by experts in London.

On 28 September, talks will be
given by experts to guests invited to a Cayman Islands event at a newspaper
office in London. It was set up by the Department of Tourism Europe in conjunction
with tour operators and the Daily Telegraph newspaper.

Botanic Park

At the event, John Lawrus of the
Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park will speak about what the park has to offer,
including ten orchid species, three of which are found uniquely on Cayman.

The botanic park was a gold medal
recipient at the 2009 Chelsea Flower Show, winning accolades for its Undersea
Reef Garden display. Mr Lawrus will speak of the new Orchid Garden, native
plants and trees and the bird life at the park.


Blue Iguanas

Fred Burton will also be speaking
at the event, which takes place at the offices of the Daily Telegraph.

The British scientist arrived on
Grand Cayman in 1979 and first encountered the Grand Cayman Blue Iguana.
Subsequently, Mr. Burton became environmental programmes director for the
Cayman Islands National Trust and discovered that less than 15 were likely to
be alive in the wild. This number, too few to breed, meant that the Blue Iguana
was functionally extinct. Mr Burton put together a successful breeding
programme and was awarded the MBE for preventing the extinction of the


The Blue Iguana is the star of the show.
Photo: File

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