Online Poll: Large majority think two party system is a disaster

More than two-thirds of the
respondents to last week’s online poll think Cayman’s two-party
political system has been a total disaster.

Of the 336 respondents, 226 of them
– 67.3 per cent – thought the two-party system was a disaster.

“This is the most divided I’ve seen
my country,” said one person. “There’s a lot of hatred out there. I wish they
would get rid of the party system. If you are going to represent the country,
then the whole country should be able to vote for you, not just the people in
the district you live in.”

“The politicians have to let go of
what has happened in the past,” said another respondent. “They have to move
toward working together and fixing and completing what needs to be done for the
country, not themselves.”

“There’s no real difference between
the parties,” said someone else. “There are just self-serving individuals
interested in their own position.”

“There are many bright, educated
younger Caymanians who could do a much better job than either of the two
choices we have now,” said one respondent. “Step up and be heard, or watch the
country fall into oblivion.”

The second largest segment of
respondents – 44 people or 13.1 per cent – said the two-party system had its
problems, but would get better.

“None of these politicians really
care about the country anymore – it’s all about politricks now,” said one

“It’s about whether Tweedledee can
fool Tweedledum,” said someone else.

Thirty-eight respondents – 11.2 per
cent – thought Cayman needed more political parties to make the party system

“There are pros and cons to parties
and to having only two,” said one person. “Some may suggest that the more
options the better, while others will suggest that it would bring about even
more division. I believe that Cayman is growing more experienced in this arena
and will not tolerate any shady behaviour too much longer. We do have to
remember that regardless if an MLA is in power or in opposition, we voted them
in. We have nothing to fear but fear itself. As it stands right now, it’s a
complete disaster. I really don’t have faith in either party. In one or two
party members on both sides yes, but not in the party system.”

Only 11 people – 3.3 per cent –
said the two-party system was working just fine. None of them made comments on
their response.

Seventeen people answered “I don’t
know” to the question.


Next week’s poll question

How long should the required break
in residency be for foreign nationals who reach their term limit in Cayman?




  1. Why I hate a two-party system?

    When it comes to voting, a party system limits people’s choices to just them. In a two-party system, there are no other parties with a major section of the peoples support so no matter who gets into power or loses power, the leader of a party will always have some say in government and is be able to wait and take step in the next election. The two-party system monopolizes people’s choices. There is eventually no way out for the people if both parties are disliked and well funded. The option of a third party is insufficient. Also, the parties deliberately broaden their opinions on major subjects and that lessens the need for a third party.

    The two-party system is narrow and lacks diversity. It is the huge elephant and donkey in one room, causing the country to divide and pick sides. People would even vote for a party and defend the party leader even if that party and its leader are not ethical on pertinent issues. An ensample of this, is when UDP promotes something good for the country, and because it is not a PPM project, the PPM supporters disregard what is good for the country. It is ridiculous! And this ignorance is not just oozing from the PPM side, but the UDP as well. If Satan was the head of one of those parties, you would have the dumb masses of people supporting him because of the party. This is so foolish! I recall the foolish song I heard during elections, VOTE STRAIGHT. So many folk VOTE STRAIGHT and elected candidates that were not qualified all because they were of the same party. How stupid! Why not vote on whether a candidate’s policies contribute to the country, or are helpful to the citizens? Why waste time comparing parties from each other, when it all boils down to individuals in power? I say UDP and PPM has got us good! In order to maintain their power and influence, Kurt and Mckeeva has made themselves the leaders of two parties, which they well knew would most probably get re-elected over and over again.

    People, it is either we have a country with many parties or a multi-party system; or we get rid of the party system altogether!

    We need to seriously think about our Democracy.

  2. Te Independents should not attach the Party title to their name. It is now carrying a stigma with it, I mean the word Party. So Ezzard and Chuckie, keep the people happy bu using the term INDEPENDENT TEAM. If you want to stand a chance in 2013. They have developed a hatred for the Party system and rightly so.

  3. How long should the required break in residency be for foreign nationals who reach their term limit in Cayman?

    This one is easy!! Why shuld there be a break to begin with? …oh yea because one particular political party granted hundreds!! BUT, with that being said, the government need to do as the other nations do, selectively and decisively grant residency based on pre qualifying standards other than time spent within the country alone! Unless these requirements are met then ridency cn ot b granted an even when it is ganted it should be limited as to what they are able to do and the type of benefit that they would be entitled to!!

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