Editorial for September 27: We all have a Right to Know

This week we’re celebrating the
Right to Know 2010.

It’s an important topic.

Since the passage of the Freedom of
Information Law in January 2009 much information has been gleaned from
government both by the media and savvy private individuals.

Unfortunately there are still
others in our community who have no idea what FOI is. Still others who have
tried to use it have become dismayed and not followed the appeal process all
the way through because they don’t think they’ll be successful.

The Caymanian Compass can verify
that the appeals process does work. Many times our appeals have been heard and
the decision was in our favour. Other times, not. But we do believe in each
instance our appeals were thoroughly reviewed.

Soon the FOI law will come under
review by a committee of the Legislative Assembly, which is required by law.
Committee members will look at the law and how it’s being used and determine if
any changes need to be made.

We would hope that fees aren’t
increased to the point that it makes submitting an FOI request economically
prohibitive. We also hope that the committee lets stand the ability to make an
FOI request while remaining anonymous.

Anonymity is crucial to the FOI law
because we live in a small community where many of us know each other. We must
all be able to question the government without fear of reprisal.

If you’re not aware of the FOI law,
please go to www.infocomm.ky and brush up on the legislation, and then use it.

For the law to be a complete
success, we all should be using it to find out information we need on how the
government works.

And remember, if you’re not happy
with the decision of the individual information manager, please appeal.

All week the Caymanian Compass will
feature a page within each edition dedicated to the Right to Know 2010 to help
you learn more.

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