Facts about FOI


• The Freedom of Information Law,
2007 came into effect in the Cayman Islands on 5 January, 2009


• FOI Legislation can be found in
over 90 countries worldwide


• To date, public authorities in
Cayman have received over 1,000 requests for records


• There are 88 public authorities
in the Cayman Islands Government that are subject to the FOI Law


• The Information Commissioner has
issued 5 decisions on appeals that have come before her in formal hearings


• Anyone anywhere can make an FOI
request. This includes minors


• An applicant need not give their
real name when making a request. While the request itself must be in writing,
the requestor may use a pseudonym.


• Requests can be for any record
held by Government; however in some specific and narrow circumstances the
disclosure of a record may be exempt.


• There is no upfront fee to file a
request. There may be however be fees for reproducing the record.


• If you are not satisfied with the
response you receive from the public authority, or if you have not received a
response, you can contact the Information Commissioner’s Office.


• The FOI Law promotes Government
transparency, accountability and promotes public participation in national
decision making.


The Information Commissioner’s
Office is tasked with hearing appeals, monitoring compliance and promoting the
FOI Law.  For more information call
747-5402 or email [email protected]