Letter to the Editor: You know who you are

I am so angry! For four years I
have been feeding feral cats hoping to trap, spay or neuter and release them to
cut down on the population of bush cats. Some I have managed to socialise and
bring home and nine have had surgery.

Today I go as usual to collect my
12 dishes after last night’s feeding BUT decided to shampoo 12 dogs first
thing, so got to the dishes around 11.30am to discover some narrow minded thief
got there before me and stole the dishes, Now I want this person to feel bad
when they read this. If this is a local who did this, shame on you. That is not
the Caymanian way.

If this is an expat to Cayman, and
you know who you are, Cayman does not need people like you living among us; GO
HOME (but return the dishes first)!

Barkers has its problems (and most
of it is not done my Bayers)! I know most of the fishermen who travel back and
forth and none of them have ever touched a dish, which makes me very suspicious
of who did this evil act. I have an idea who would stoop so low to do this; so
I have set up a camera and if I catch the person Oh Boy! Watch this space!

I will name the person.

What goes around comes around and
hopefully someone will take food from your mouth too!

If this was a child who just
collected their findings, a parent or guardian should make them return them to
where they took them from and teach them to leave what is not theirs alone!


Aileen Samuel

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  1. Dear Aileen,

    Good for you printing this, indeed, how low can one get. My wife and I do a similar deal in GT in terms of feral cats so we know how you feel when something like this happens. We have been trapping cats for a long time, privately and with the CIHS for the same reason to reduce the offspring but feral cats are also a great biological attack on the rodents besides our local barn owls of which we have far too few right now still due to Ivan but also due to rat poison, usually strychnine and the owl gets killed too upon eating the rodents as strychnine is extremely lethal. I wish more people would do and believe this to be true as it is true and feral cats are generally not considered a nuisance animal, helpful would be much more like it, as are the owls for that matter.

    My wife and I would like to offer financial assistance to you, if needed, to obtain 12 new dishes if the creep who did this does not return them to you.