Ogier’s bats create hell

Ogier may be rookies in the co-ed
softball scene but with a fearsome nickname – Bats from Hell – and an
impressive victory the team is quickly turning heads.

Coming into the weekend Ogier
boasts a victory over C league powerhouse the PriceWaterhouseCoopers Scorpions.
The win broke the Scorpions’ six-game winning streak, the longest in co-ed
softball this season. With the win Ogier are gaining ground in the standings as
they are a game behind Earl Smith and the A.L. Thompson’s Drills (in the win
column) and two games back of the KPMG Bounty Hunters and team Deloitte.

Leading the squad has been team
captain Dave Van Duynhoven and co-captain Kimberlee Pearce. The 41 year-old
Canadians have kept the defence on its toes as Van Duynhoven is a regular in
right-field while Pearce mans second base. Van Duynhoven states in spite of
their relative inexperience the side has quickly developed character.

“As this is our very first season,
we are all newbies,” Van Duynhoven said. “We’re laid back yet competitive and
eclectic yet cohesive. We are truly a slow-pitch enigma.”

Ogier have a bye week and are next
in action on Thursday 7 October against the DMTC Rascals. Another newcomer to
softball, the Rascals are keeping pace with team HSBC in the middle of the C
league table. Both Van Duynhoven and Pearce feel that next Thursday a number of
players will take the stage that can be bats from hell.

“This is a tough one because we have
a stable of superb players,” Van Duynhoven said. “There are a few standouts but
by no means is this list exhaustive as we have a lot of talent on this team.
For starters there is Duronnie Myles, our pitcher. Ronnie has made several
spectacular in-field plays this season. Not much gets past him, regardless of
how fast the ball is coming. Vince McElroy, our centre fielder is our home run
king. Plus he often covers half the field in a single bound to make the catch.

“Our third baseman Chris McField
deserves props. He is a player the PWC Scorpions summed it up beautifully at
our game as someone that “moves fast for a big guy.” To top it off he doesn’t
bat so badly, either. I have to also mention Gilbert Rankin in left field.
“Bugo,”as he is called, makes amazing catches out in left, where he sees a lot
of pop-fly action.”

Pearce, a legal assistant at Ogier,
points to a trio of players as integral to success, including a former netball

“Andrew Gilbert, who is usually in
right field, is a great player,” Pearce said. “Andrew’s speed combined with his
accuracy and athleticism make for a red-hot combination of home runs and
amazing outfield plays. Also Jodi Brown (nee Ricketts) is excellent at rover.
She is a solid batter and outfield player. Jodi (who used to play netball at
the high school level) is one co-ed softball chick that you don’t want to mess

“Lastly I give props to Vijay
Singhera, our catcher. Vijay is a solid all-round player with a serious
competitive streak. Don’t send a foul ball her way or you will be out.”

Another surprising fact about the
Bats From Hell is they already have a rival. In spite of the wealth of
competition in the B league, Pearce states a C league team is circled on their

“The team we most want to play is
team BritCay. The friendly rivalry between the teams is palpable and the
good-natured chiding and taunts are just what you would expect from players on
both sides who have known each other since grade school.

“BritCay may have beat us last
week, but they had better be ready because they are definitely in for a
bat-sized thrashing at our next match.”

In between facing the Rascals and
having another crack at BritCay, Ogier have a challenging string of matches.
With matches against division rivals team Deloitte and the Drills and a B
league tussle with division leaders Maples Sluggers, the Bats From Hell could
face an exorcism. Aside from the competition Van Duynhoven states he plays on
the team to build fitness.

“Co-ed softball is a great way to
get fit, plus it offers the benefits of camaraderie and team-building all
rolled into one exciting sport. No less important are the bragging rights
afforded to those who play particularly well on a given day.”

Ultimately Pearce is one of a
number of Ogier employees on the squad and she appreciates the support of her

“We are extremely grateful and very
lucky to have the generous support of Ogier, without whom there would be no
Bats From Hell team or actual team bats. We would be remiss if we didn’t also
mention that several Ogier employees are enthusiastic spectators at our games
and it is only appropriate that we give a shout out to them for their support.
My heart-felt thanks go to Ogier.”

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