Gather for the latest magic

This Saturday, 2 October, is going
to be magic for gamers across Cayman.

Trading card fans will be
descending on Gameshack in Coconut Place to be the first to get to grips with a
new update to the popular game, Magic: The Gathering and play in official

In the Magic game, the player takes
the role of a planeswalker, a powerful wizard who ‘fights’ other wizards to
attain glory and knowledge. A player’s deck represents the weapons, spells and
creatures a wizard can call upon to assist in the battles. By comparing
statistics printed on the cards, gamers can ‘battle’ each other to find out who
is the ultimate winner.

The worldwide release of the game
update Scars of Mirrodin is the first addition to the popular M11 set,
explained Stephen Wilkins of the Gameshack store. The launch parties always
prove popular with gamers keen to be the first to boost their existing sets of
cards with brand new ones, he said.


Regular tournaments

Caymanian Jordan Beersingh, who
also works at the store, explained that the winners of the competition could
win a bunch of booster packs. To enter, players need to purchase booster packs
or the ready-made intro pack.

“Like any trading card game, it’s a
get-together to have fun with your friends and these launch parties signify a
new set that’s coming out.”

There are a variety of prizes for
the winners, he added.
Gameshack, who have recently moved venues to just behind Eduardo’s on West Bay
Road, host regular tournaments, and according to Mr. Wilkins, they are always
looking for more players with a view to setting up a weekly league and friendly
games and tournaments. Anyone interested in gaming can contact the store at [email protected]

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