Splashingly good times at the cardboard boat regatta

The wettest, and most hilarious,
event at Pirates Week is arguably the annual Cardboard Boat Regatta.

The event began in 2007 and has
been known to attract more than 3,000 people, gathered around Hog Sty Bay
watching a water-soaked race that never fails to raise not just a smile but
some serious belly-laughs as well.

The boats are made entirely of
cardboard, with duct tape and glue being all that separates the crew from the
warm waters of Hog Sty Bay. These homemade vessels are entirely self-propelled,
so expect to see paddles, oars, sails, buckets –
in fact anything that might help these creative craft reach the finish line

The family fun starts at 4pm for
the main race.

Designs last year included Santa’s
sleigh and cowgirls in a stagecoach, so expect some wild and wacky designs this
time around. The event is co-sponsored by Caybrew alongside organisers and
originators Build Cayman Ltd, who revealed that 2010 will see the introduction
of a brand new event to begin before the boat regatta at 12.30pm.

The Walking on Water event is a
race around Rock Island and back to the beach, but unlike the boat race,
designs are not limited except by the entrants’ imaginations, said Russell
Linford of Build Cayman.

“Designs may include something like
polystyrene pieces approximately 6 feet long, 2 feet wide and deep with a piece
of plywood glued to the top and a sneaker screwed on to the ply.

“All proceeds will go towards the
building of a special needs playground with special needs playground equipment
and much more. Build Cayman Limited is about half- way through with this
project and expect to raise the remainder of the funds to complete the project
by the end of the year, thanks largely to Rotary Central and Cayman Islands
Breweries, our two major sponsors.

“We recommend doing some research
on Youtube. Type in ‘walk on water race’ to give you some ideas.”


Captains keen to register for this
year’s Cardboard Boat Regatta can find more information on
www.cardboardboatregatta.ky and www.piratesweekfestival.com, or contact Sophia
Snape or Russell Linford at 949 0471 or [email protected]


Tower of Power: boat race is a serious business.
Photo: Submitted

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