Brac’s Creek PO to reopen

The newly renovated Creek Post
Office at 5 Cantlin Drive on Cayman Brac will reopen by the end of the year.

It will also house two government
departments, including the post office and a sports office. The new post office
will have 34 post boxes, and customers will be able to top up their Digicel and
Lime phones and make their WestStar payments.

The building, which once belonged
to Petrona Connolly-Bodden, the community’s first midwife, has long been a
favourite of Brackers, as it was the place where many of them were born. Due to
damage by Hurricane Palma in 2008, the building was condemned. Since then,
customers have collected their mail from post boxes at the West End Post Office
designated for their use.

“The reopening of the Creek Post
Office is another step in Cayman Brac’s recovery from Hurricane Paloma,” said
Deputy Premier and Minister of District Administration Juliana
O’Connor-Connolly. “Everyone on Cayman Brac has shown resilience and patience
throughout the recovery effort and I am thankful for their understanding and

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