New resort on Rum Point

A new resort, Ocean Paradise, has
opened on Rum Point drive. The five three-bedroom villas all have ocean views.

The project was a from-the-ground
build, said Sean Scott of Scott’s Equipment, the developer.

“The property was purchased a
year-and-a half ago and development began in January when construction
commenced. We finished in July this year; it was just a piece of undeveloped
virgin beach land with vegetation on there that was completely redeveloped.”

The land was bought prior to the
recent economic downturn, so plans were not affected, said Mr. Scott.

“We already had financing in place
and everything like that – if you let things linger too long sometimes they
don’t ever get off the ground, so that is why we moved ahead.”

So far, bookings look solid over
Christmas and into January and February, Mr. Scott said, adding that the
property owners are eager to attract staycationers, as well.

“We are going after the tourist market,
but we are also going to [try and attract] locals; a lot of properties up at
Rum Point have a minimum three days for rental, which makes it quite hard for
locals. Typically, people from Cayman will come up on a Friday or Saturday and
have to go back on Monday so we will have a two-night minimum.”


Ocean Paradise is a brand new vacation development at Rum Point.
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