Caymanian returns as physiotherapist

A Caymanian physiotherapist has
returned to the Islands to take up a position at the George Town hospital.

Kristina Bramwell joined the
Physiotherapy Department of the Health Services Authority in August after spending
seven years in the United States.

Ms Bramwell said she wanted a
“health-care role where I could really spend time with my patients and play an
integral role in their return to physical wellness”.

She added that she had been
inspired to become a professional physiotherapist after her early observations
of people who required routine mechanical assistance for activities of daily
living, recalling “a family member had to use them daily to get by for
everything from walking to driving”.

She earned a Bachelor of Science
degree and her athletic training certificate from New York State’s Ithaca
College, which has one of the US’s most established and respected athletic-training
programmes. She worked with Ithaca’s American football team, the men’s and
women’s soccer teams and, in her final year, the women’s gymnastics team,
serving as the unit’s primary student athletic trainer.

After graduating, she completed the
three-year doctorate in physical therapy programme at the University of Miami.
Her clinical experience includes working with outpatients, acute physiotherapy
and in-patient physiotherapy.

Lizzette Yearwood, CEO of the
Health Services Authority, welcomed Ms Bramwell, saying she is looking forward
to her contributions. “As we continue to expand our range of services, the
addition of Kristina Bramwell to our physiotherapy team helps us in moving
closer to that goal. We are delighted to have her join us.”

Minister of Health Mark Scotland,
said: “We are thrilled and proud to welcome Kristina home, and are confident
she will serve the community for many years in her privileged capacity as
physiotherapist. We are pleased to count her among the young professionals that
our country is developing.”

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