Family in need

A family in need received a helping
hand by Primefundsolutions employees last week, one of whom is a friend of one
of a family member.

“It was just a simple case of a
friend helping a friend in good faith,” said Kadow Brown, technology change
manager at the company. He added that after he heard about the plight of
Shirlene Zeleya and her son Kevin Bowen, both of whom are unemployed and about
to lose their house to foreclosure, he called Mr. Bowen to offer a little
assistance, even though he knew they really were after a job.

The two knew each other from their
days as children at the Truth for Youth School.

Ms Zelaya had been very ill, and
with soaring medical bills and her inability to work, the burden became too
much for her and her son. She is also the mother of four other children.

“Once I got to work I told some
people in my office about the situation and they, feeling compassion, decided
to give some of what they had,” said Mr. Brown. “We then realised that we might
be able to get additional help from others in the office. In the end we were
able to raise just over $400.”

So far, neither Mr. Bowen nor his
mother has been able to secure employment.

“Right now I am just looking for
something to do, any kind of work. I am good at painting. I can do filing,
electrical work, as well as some basic air conditioning work and construction,”
he said, adding that the bank has said that if he or his mother can secure
employment and could make at least one monthly payment, they would be willing
to take another look at the issue of foreclosure.

“Right now I am just a desperate
young man trying to change his life for the better. That is all I am trying to
do,” said Mr. Bowen.

Kevin Bowen can be reached on 917
1422; his mother can be contacted on 9296808.


Kevin Bowen and his mother (centre) receive a donation.
Photo: Submitted

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