Final week before Census

The final training of field
supervisors was held in Prospect this week as the island prepares for the
Census that kicks off Sunday, 10 October, when enumerators will begin knocking
on resident’s doors.

Maria Zingapan, director of the
Economics and Statistics Office, said there are 57 field supervisors and about
350 enumerators.

“Thirty-plus were not selected,”
she said.  “But they could be on a
waiting list for those who drop out for health or family reasons.”

Mrs. Zingapan said that meetings
this week served as a transition time to motivate the enumerators and build
rapport among all the Census workers.

“They have received all of their
assignments,” she said.  “These are
simple events just to motivate them and give them personal contact with fellow
enumerators within their team.”

The Economics and Statistics Office
worked overtime on the Census, pulling their entire office away from regular
daily work to focus on the important count.

“Logistically, everyone is
involved,” Mrs. Zingapan said.  “Some
were asked to do training, some for publicity, and the service staff is sorting
out area maps for each enumerator.”

Mrs. Zingapan said the entire staff
focused on the Census in September, and about 40 per cent of her staff covered
Census work in August.

The ESO has four units — the
economic report, a system of national accounts, a balance of payments unit, and
a social statistical unit — all of which devoted some time to the Census.


Census workers at a recent training session.
Photo: Submitted

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