Waterworks mean rough roads

in George Town will continue to have a rough ride until the end of February due
to upgrading work on the water supply pipeline.

Water Authority is replacing an 8-inch diameter pipeline with a 12-inch
pipeline along Harbour Drive and South Church Street as far as Denham Thompson
Way to meet growing customer demand for water.

work is being done in four phases, each lasting six weeks, and the second phase
is under way, said Joanna Welcome-Martinez, customer service manager at the
Water Authority.

“While each phase is estimated at six weeks, of course the traffic
and weather can affect this time frame,” Ms Welcome-Martinez said.

The Water Authority had earlier
said the road works would continue through September. Work on the upgrade,
which began in August, is expected to take a total of six months, with
completion by the middle to end of February, weather permitting.

The first phase involved digging up
the road and laying pipe from the junction of Shedden Road and Harbour Drive to
Ugland House, while the second phase, expected to be completed in early
November, involves the section of road from Ugland House to Melmac Avenue. The
next two sections of road to be affected will be from Melmac Avenue to Phelan
Close and from Phelan Close to Denham Thompson Way.

A temporary road surface has been
laid while the work continues.

“Our aim is to minimise impact to
the motoring public by ensuring that there is a temporary road surface in place
whilst the work is being carried out. Once a pipeline section has been
completed, i.e., tested, disinfected and flushed and all customers on that pipeline
section have been reconnected, we will advise the National Roads Authority, who
then can get in and install the permanent surface,” Ms Joanna Welcome-Martinez

The National Roads Authority is
expected to begin laying a permanent surface from Shedden Road to Ugland House
shortly, she added.

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