CCTV cameras rolling in North Side

Data stored for 15 days


Closed circuit television cameras
are now operating in North Side.

The exact number of cameras and
their locations are not being publicised for security reasons, but a
demonstration of the system on Tuesday showed a wide-angle view from west of
the junction of North Side and Hutland roads.

District MLA Ezzard Miller said he
had no problem with people knowing this camera location since it was an obvious
choice. He was speaking for the North Side District Council, which organised
the CCTV installation.

One reason for publicity at this
stage is to let donors know how their money had been spent. Mr. Miller said
individual contributions ranged from $25 to $2,500. Another reason was to let
the general public know about the monitoring system.

“It’s not going to stop all crime,
but hopefully it will act as a deterrent,” Mr. Miller said.

One screen in the North Side Police
Station provides a “multi-view”, explained technician Kenneth Maxwell of
Aviation Communication.

He demonstrated the ease with which
visual information can be viewed and retrieved. The images are high-resolution
with good colour and sharp contrast.

While the monitor was on, viewers
saw a delivery truck exiting the parking lot of Chisholm’s Groceries, and the
name on the side of the truck was easy to read. Later, a male rode past on a
bicycle. The colours of his clothing, hair and complexion were clearly visible.

Asked about night-time quality, Mr.
Maxwell displayed archived footage of the same area. A car passed by and its
headlights did not distort the colour. Anyone who knows vehicles would be able
to identify the make and model. The video can also be paused to produce a still

Acting Chief Inspector Richard
Harford, who works in the Eastern districts, confirmed it was the police who
decided where the cameras should be located.

“It’s a good help for us,” Mr.
Harford said. Private homes and businesses with CCTV are a great aid to combat

Cayman Kai residents had requested
a camera, Mr. Miller added, and he suggested that their homeowners association
collect funds for one. “We’d be happy to connect them” into the system, he

Images are stored for 15 days.
Every time an object passes in front of a camera there is a red beep, so if
police get a report of something happening, they can review stored data

At present, the only monitoring
equipment is at the North Side Police Station. Mr. Miller is negotiating with
LIME to provide the means by which monitoring could also be done from the
Bodden Town Police Station and even the George Town Scenes of Crime office.

Meanwhile, the district council is
also campaigning for permission to have Neighbourhood Watch Supervisor Linda
Connolly staff the North Side Police Station as an administrator.

Wardley Connolly, supervisor for
small-medium enterprises, was among LIME representatives at the CCTV
demonstration. Also present were three police officers who cover North Side.

The CCTC project has been in the
works since December 2009. A public meeting on the subject was held in April,
at which time Mr. Miller advised that the system would cost $10,000.

This summer, district council
members erected signs on Frank Sound Road and the Queen’s Highway advising
people as they enter North Side that surveillance cameras have been installed
“both Inland and Coastal throughout the district.”


Signs on the roads to North Side advise of cameras’ presence.
Photo: Carol Winker


  1. I applaud MLA Miller, the police and the residents of North Side to take the proactive initiative of placing CCTV Cameras in North Side. They were, sorry to say, needed to stem the tide of break-ins and drug dealing in North Side. Evidently the system was too late for the break-in at my rental property but hopefully the system will be a deterrent for future criminal behavior.
    I have installed motion detecter security lighting and will be installing CCTV infrared Cameras at my property.
    Just a few short years ago we did not close our windows or doors, we never had a problem. Too bad we have to go to these measures to feel safe in our homes.
    Again, my thanks to the people who made the CCTV System a reality.
    By the way, the Signs are nice addition also.

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