Watch live surgery on the Web

Fans of medical TV shows may be
used to watching surgery on their television screens, but next week viewers can
watch surgeons perform a real spine operation live from Baptist Hospital in

The webcast from the Neuroscience
Centre at the hospital is primarily for doctors and medical professionals, but
anyone with access to the hospital’s website can also watch the operation.

The live spine surgery webcast will
be shown at 3pm in Cayman, on Thursday, 21 October, or 4pm in Miami.

Dr. Sergio Gonzalez-Arias will
demonstrate and explain minimally invasive spine surgery and answer questions
as he performs the operation.

Viewers are invited to email
questions to the doctor during the webcast.

Minimally invasive spine surgery is
used to relieve various types of back pain and involves less blood loss, less
pain, smaller incisions and a faster recovery than open surgical procedures,
with most patients able to go home the day of the surgery.

Those interested in watching the
surgery, may visit (English) or (Spanish).

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