Best foot forward

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Ms Lumsden of Cirrus Distibutors can hardly contain her enthusiasm for the three specialized beauty products she is bringing to the Expo because they solved problems she had and she wanted to spread the word about her discoveries.

“I created Cirius distributors  to distribute them to beauty salons because there is nothing out there like them and I know from personal experience that they work.”

Because our feet are on display all the time here everyone wants them to look their best but sometimes it is hard to find products that work. Ms Lumsdon says that she would get nagged by her pedicurist about her dry feet and would use various creams but hated the way they felt on her feet and they did not work.

“Most of them would end up in the back of the cupboard  until I came across Footlogix and it worked wonderfully.”

The reason Footlogix mouse works so well is that it uses the latest in skin technology, in this case  a system called Dermal Integration which allows the active ingredients to penetrate faster and deeper, there is no sticky residue but at the same time it also creates a long-lasting barrier on the feet protecting them so they remain soft and supple.  Ms Lumsdon says this is a particularly good product for people with diabetes who need to be careful with their feet.

Nano silver Cyclic is a  cleanser which like Foologix, is at the forefront of skin technology. As the name suggests Cyclic uses nano technology, which simply put, makes particles so small they can penetrate the skin. The cleanser has real deep cleansing properties and because it’s minute silver particles are efficient at killing bacteria deep inside the pores, it is particularly good for acne prone skins and “break outs.”

Anyone who has been left with ugly rashes after shaving or waxing will welcome her third product which prevents it happening. Ms Lumsdon says, “Everyone I know that uses these products sings their praises and it would be great if even more people out there could benefit from them.”

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