Cayman Pharmacy Group

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Cayman Pharmacy Group (CPG) is the Cayman Islands largest private pharmacy group.  They have three conveniently located pharmacies in Grand Cayman: West Bay Pharmacy- located in Centennial towers, Professional Pharmacy – located in Chrissie Tomlinson Memorial Hospital and Savannah Pharmacy – located in CountrySide Shopping Village.  All three pharmacies carry a full line of both name brand and generic prescriptions, for your medication needs.

The Cayman Pharmacy Group understands the complexities of pharmaceuticals and the need to personalize care for each patient.  With more pharmacists than any other private pharmacy on the island, there is always an experienced pharmacist on hand to assist with any questions patients have about their medications, possible side-effects or other drug interactions. 

CPG provides everything you need from caring for minor injuries and illnesses to treating chronic and long term medical conditions.  West Bay and Savannah Pharmacy keep a full stock of over-the-counter medications, and Professional Pharmacy has a large selection of Home Health Aides. 

In an effort to supply the community with the best and most extensive selection of Home Health Aids, Professional Pharmacy staff have surveyed Occupational therapists, Physical therapists, Physicians, and patients to ensure that they meet the community’s needs locally.

Below is a brief list of what they supply:

  • Braces and supports
  • Wheelchairs/cushions
  • Bath benches
  • Pillows Heating pads
  • Compression stockings
  • Blood pressure/Glucose kits
  • Cast boots

These items can also be requested through the Savannah and West Bay Pharmacies, for next day delivery. 

CPG is also proud to offer their patients customized services through their own on-site pharmaceutical compounding unit.  This specialty service allows the Group to provide compounded medications for patients with unique health needs such as:

  • Patients that may require limited dosage strengths which are not readily available
  • Patients who require special dosage forms, such as liquid instead of tablets
  • Patients on natural hormone replacement therapy
  • Children (or Adults) that prefer flavored medications
  • Custom prescribed medication for hard to treat conditions (from any licensed physician in the Cayman Islands).

If you have a need for  a customized  medication you can discuss this further with your physician or with any of the Cayman Pharmacy Group Pharmacists.

Cayman Pharmacy Group accepts insurance from most local insurance companies and some overseas providers, visit for more details and information.

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