Cayman Immigration Consultant Services

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With more than 15 years of Immigration experience, Sabrina Fennell and her team at Cayman Immigration Consultant Services has a wealth of specialised know-how to deliver the results that clients want.

They will assist you with the submission of Work Permits, Naturalisation, Business Staffing Plan, Caymanian Status and Permanent Residency issues, Ms Fennell prides herself having acquired the knowledge and the training to ensure all Immigration matters are resolved in as timely and efficient a manner as possible.

Whether you need to have Cayman’s Immigration Law explained, obtain information on how to apply for a work permit or should you just require assistance in the submission of a Business Staffing Plan, Cayman Immigration Consultant Services Ltd. is there for you. They are competitively priced and confidentiality is of paramount importance in the way they execute their duties ensuring that they are current with all the latest Immigration amendments and can provide simplified explanations of even the most complex immigration matters.

With such a high demand for her services, Ms Fennell puts her vast knowledge and experience to good use, saving clients time and needless worry. “I pride myself on steering clients through the complexities involved in immigration matters and a lot of my business has come through personal recommendations,” she said.

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