Zooming ahead at Pirates Week

Stunt motorcycle genius Aaron
Colton is revving up to make a high-octane appearance at Pirates Week.

The young petrolhead will be
pulling out awewsome tricks before the Pirates Week Parade on Saturday, 13
November, as well as in the float parade. He’ll be freestyling top-buzz tricks
and showcasing the riding class that has made him a true superstar.

Since bursting onto the scene as a
14-year old, Colton has been consistently pushing the boundaries of his sport
with a dynamic style, which is why long-time Pirates Week friends Red Bull were
so keen to bring him down to Cayman, said Andreas Kettner.

“He’s absolutely great on street
bikes, and in fact we’re bringing in 15 people in total, including Red Bull TV
and reporters for the magazine. It will bring a lot of coverage for the island.

“We like Pirates Week as it’s
energetic. Our first participation was in 2005 when we brought in the Red Bull
Air Force and skydivers, which was very exciting for everybody. We also brought
in three-time trial bike champion Petr Kraus, who was awesome, even performing
on a pirate ship,” said the Red Bull representative.


Free styling skills

The Minnesota native first started
riding for fun after his father took an interest in free styling. Aaron
eventually got an opportunity to show what he could do, although his father was
reticent at first, said the stunt biker.

“But he finally let me do it, and
within 45 minutes of riding around the parking lot, I was able to scrape the

“I gathered all the $10s, $20s, $1s
and $5s I could find and was able to scrape up enough money to get my first
bike,” said Aaron.

As well as his amazing skill with
freestyling, he’s been pursuing a career in motorcycle road racing and has
regularly finished in the top three, keeping himself on his toes.

As for Red Bull, they are big fans
of Pirates Week.

“People associate it with fun,
festivals and going out to have a good time, dressing up and being happy. It
brings so many people down here to visit and is a celebration of Cayman,” said
Mr. Kettner.

So get the celebration going with
Aaron Colton and see some of the third-gear wheelies, nose stoppies, 12 o’clock
bars and oil pickups that are his forte. Come to the stage and see how pirates
and bikers get along together – there can be no better example of the past and
the future working well together to make the present here in Cayman more
exciting than anywhere else on the planet.


In line for greatness: Aaron Colton is a world superstar.
In line for greatness: Aaron Colton is a world superstar.

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