Letters to the Editor: CayHealth addresses seniors’ needs

Clients of the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS), including seniors, are among those targeted by this new health-care initiative. CayHealth is a collaborative programme of the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Community Affairs, Gender and Housing, along with the Health Services Authority.

This programme is designed to give beneficiaries access to a personal general practitioner in their district who will be their primary physician and will team with them to improve their access to health care and coordinate any referrals they may need for additional care. This will also enable them to participate in health education and healthy lifestyles programmes.

This programme will give beneficiaries:

1, Access to their personal physician (General Practitioner)

Under this new plan persons will have the benefit of scheduling all appointments with your general practitioner who will also coordinate access to specialists and overseas care, if you need it.

Having a personal general practitioner will facilitate more personalized care. In this programme a beneficiary will have a physician who knows his or her complete medical history who will work to improve medical condition by consistently monitoring care and progress, especially if a person has been referred overseas.

The general practitioner will determine whether a medical condition requires consultation with a specialist and will coordinate the referral.

The specialist physician will consult with a general practitioner on any follow-up care which may be necessary.

If a personal general practitioner is unavailable at any time, arrangements will be made

for another physician to provide services, and this doctor will also have access to the patient’s medical records, treatment plans and medications prescribed.

2. Access to care in the community

With this programme there will be no need to travel outside the district to access quality health care. A person will have the convenience of attending a district health centre for his or her health-care needs. This will provide easier access to health-care and avoid waiting times. All a person will need to do is to book his appointments at the district health centre to see a GP or walk-in. Residents of Cayman Brac can choose their

personal physician from any of the four physicians providing care at Faith Hospital.

3. Access to medication at a district health centre

A person will be able to have medication prescriptions and refills filled at the district health centre, decreasing the waiting times.

4. Access to health education & healthy lifestyle programs

Beneficiaries will have priority access to participate in:

Lifestyle health and fitness programs undertaken by the Public Health


Diabetic education classes.

Other health education and health promotion activities undertaken by the

Public Health Department or coordinated with other agencies

5. Elite access

Initially the program is being offered to clients of the Department of Children and Family Services who receive health-care benefits. This group will be the first to have elite access to all the benefits of what will become a national programme.

For urgent medical care, people may access care at any other health centre or in the event of a medical emergency at the 24-hour Accident & Emergency Unit. Individuals may also contact the HSA or their district health centres for the doctor’s schedules.

Source: Cayman Islands Health Services Authority and Department of Children and Family Services

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