Batik art takes off

Learn a new skill and explore your
creative side at a Beginners Batik Workshop.

Hosted by Bob McKendrick,Pat
Nicholson and Shirley Scott at the Visual Art Studio in Watler House at Pedro
Castle, participants will be taught several of the time-honoured techniques
associated with the textile dyeing technique.

The workshop’s facilitators are
largely self-taught and have very different styles so the workshop aims to
cover a lot of ground and be will be largely hands-on for attendees.

Ideal for those with no prior
knowledge of batik making, the weekend workshops are scheduled to run from 9am
to 4pm on 20-21 November and 4-5 December with an hour break for lunch.


A step-by-step process

Pat Nicholson said, “The purpose of
the workshop is to teach the participants how produce a batik, which is a
multi-stage process. The focus will be on the basics such using wax as a resist
agent and then working in the various protein dyes in a step-by-step process.

The long-time member of the Visual
Arts Society added, “Batik is one of my favourite mediums because of what is
achievable when working in colour and design on material. It’s so decorative
and can be used in various ways, such as wall hangings and on clothing.”

Those interested in seeing what
kind of materials and designs you will be able to create during the course of
the workshop may visit Full of Beans in Pasadora Place and view the batik
exhibition Back to the Wax Pot. The show, featuring work by the workshop
facilitators, runs until 2 November and includes batik images of Caribbean life
and landscapes, including Pedro Castle and a Cayman Parrot.


For further information, contact Shirley Scott at 926-0424, or email
[email protected]


Batik is an extremely versatile medium and involves a centuries old process.
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