Coleman is one Hell of a player

Spin 94.9FM West Bay Hellcats may
be one of the longest names in team football but the flag football champs often
make short work of the opposition.

They did so again last week,
comfortably beating the Burger King Panthers 12-0 in the final at the Ed Bush
Stadium in West Bay. Clay Coleman got the first touchdown and quarterback
Frecko Ebanks ran in for the other score before half-time.

Coleman, 40, is a veteran Hellcats
player and along with the team’s other senior players was especially happy that
they broke the sequence of not winning the championship in the year after they
won. Previous winners in 2003, 2005, 2007 and last year, they were determined
to break the post-year hangover and retain the title.

Captained by Phil Brown and coached
by George ‘Teddy’ Hydes, they did it in style and Coleman picked up the
offensive Most Valuable Player and league MVP at the post-match awards party at
the Dog House in Grand Harbour.

“I feel extremely good about
retaining the title for the first time,” Coleman said. “I’m not a superstitious
person by nature, so I wasn’t   
concerned with the jinx. Once it was time for the playoffs I was always
confident that we would win the championship. We really didn’t do anything
different from the previous championship years, but as the fitness coach I
ensured that we were in top physical condition in training during the week to
be ready for game time on Saturdays.

The league MVP was more gratifying,
because it was an award that was voted on by the coaches, players and
officials. It’s always good to be recognised by your peers. I was there for all
the championships and the loses in between, so I’m happy to have won more than
we lost.”

A sports all-rounder, he is also George
Town Football Club’s keeper and plays high level basketball and hoops is his
favourite. “I am an ultra competitive person and hate to lose, but I can be
noble about it when I do. I guess I have always been motivated by winning, by
being a leader, in all things I do. My dad once told me that if you can’t be
the best at any sport you do then maybe you shouldn’t play it. So I always work
hard even at this age to do well.”

George Town won the Digicel and FA
Cups last season and hope to go one better this term. “We did extremely well
last season but our problem was just consistency. I believe that we can top
that this year and win all three cups.”

Well Roma are the only club that
have won their opening two Premier League games and Scholars International are
certainly intent on retaining the Premiership. Also Elite’s 7-1 thrashing of
Bodden Town on Sunday shows that they may be bouncing back from an indifferent
campaign last year.

Coleman has been a policeman all
his adult life, 23 years in fact. “I currently work at the John Gray High
School as a school liason officer, which is pleasing. It affords me the chance
to mentor younger kids that are trying to make their way in life and sports.”

Married to Michelle, they have
three daughters Taneisha, 18, Daisha, 15, and Camiera, 9. Daisha plays netball
and Camiera loves track and field. “I’m hoping Daisha can be the next Cydonie
Mothersill some day.” He loves relaxing with his family away from sports.

So what else is there to achieve
sports-wise? “Well, in all honesty I have achieved a lot in sports. There isn’t
much more for me to achieve individually, in terms of accolades. But sports has
been good to me, right now its just about staying healthy and having fun.”

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