Online Poll: Most favour new trash facility

A new landfill where solid waste
can be incinerated and recycled is the best solution to Cayman’s Mount
Trashmore problem, according to more than half of the respondents to an online
Compass poll.

Of the 385 people who responded to
the poll, 223 or 57.9 per cent voted to create a multifunctional facility on a
different site to the current dump that recycles, incinerates and safely
landfills solid waste.

“We need to move it away from 7MB,
and anything that can’t be recycled or incinerated should be shipped off
Island,” said one respondent.

Another respondent, offering an
opinion from Ireland, said: “A multifunctional recycling facility is the way to
go. Reduce, reuse and recycle as much as possible as opposed to burning
everything. I think it’s the most environmentally friendly way to go.”

Another voter was opposed to moving
the existing landfill. “Don’t move it. The land there is already contaminated and
the area is built industrial all around it – don’t go contaminate elsewhere
with the surrounds of a dump. Even if they were to properly create another
site, the materials/environment area would be seen as industrial and could have
a negative effect on property ownership and beauty of the other area. Let’s
stick with where it is now and just fix the issue where it is, so that it’s not
toxic and it’s more environmentally friendly.”

One respondent was in favour of a
new landfill elsewhere but doubted that there was the political will to do so.
“Instead, Cayman’s environment will continue to get poisoned and the green
approach will never catch on with the masses,” the respondent said.

A respondent who favoured building
a waste-to-energy facility at the current landfill said this should only be
done if it is economically viable. “Another priority is to mandate greener
practices, such as providing incentives for solar energy, biodegradable
packaging, or increasing garbage collection fees.

Respondents also put forward some
recycling tips, including one who said: “Educate residents on what they can do
personally to keep items from the trash, such as composting and other creative
ways to reuse materials.”

One person who was in favour of
moving the dump suggested it should be moved to Barkers in West Bay. “Barkers
makes the most sense. [It] would save us having to bother cleaning it up three
or four times a year.”

Another respondent offered this
alternative: “Mine some 40 feet off the existing landfill, cap it, and install
solar panels on top, make the area into a green renewable energy park with the
waste-to-energy plant generating 12-14 MegaWatts of electricity ph.”

While the majority of those polled
were in favour of a new landfill with incineration and recycling capabilities,
31.4 per cent, or 121 respondents, favoured burning the rubbish at a
waste-to-energy facility at the current site of Mount Trashmore.

“Just burn what can be burned,” one
person succinctly said. Another pointed out that this approach was adopted in
the Isle of Man years ago.

Fifteen people, or just 3.9 per
cent, were in favour of moving the landfill elsewhere, while 21 people, or 5.5
per cent, voted for just continuing to pile the garbage on top of Mount
Trashmore. Five people, or 1.3 per cent, responded that they did not know the
best way to deal with Cayman’s solid waste problem.


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