Trade and business licenses to be enforced

The Trade and Business Licensing
Board is reminding the public that from 1 November all businesses will have 30
days to ensure that they have a valid trade and business license and to comply
with all relevant laws. Businesses not in compliance by 1 December will be
penalised in accordance with the law, the Department of Commerce and Investment
has warned.

Once the 30-day period has passed
Immigration, the Planning Department, the Department of Environmental Health
and the police will ensure that businesses comply with the relevant laws and

The announcement was in part
prompted by complaints that the Trade and Business Licensing Board have
received with regard to road-side vendors who may be operating illegally. “We
are receiving complaints on a weekly basis from citizens who are concerned
about road-side vendors and illegal vendors on the road,” said Lynn Bodden,
deputy chair of the Trade and Business Licensing Board.

In September the board met with
stakeholders to discuss enforcement against illegal vendors. Ms Bodden said:
“We want people to know that the Trade and Business Licensing Law is there for
a reason. We want people to be compliant and we are giving them a chance to become

Road-side vendors have raised
concerns for a number of reasons. Not only have they not paid for a licence and
are operating illegally, they are also seen as an eyesore and may cause public
health issues, officials said.

In another example, “If there is a
restaurant, do they have DEH approval, is it clean, do they have the sinks and
the required equipment to be selling food?” said Ms Bodden, who added that it
is a question of compliance in general, even though the street-side vendors are
becoming an increasing concern. “We just want everyone to become compliant and


The DCI advises that new
applications should be submitted to the relevant departments for approval. The
Trade and Business license office is now located on the 1st floor of Cayman
Corporate Centre on 27 Hospital Road.

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