Plastic caps top new art form

A group known as the 350
Organisation has a plan to create a piece of public art using only plastic
bottle caps to promote a message in Cayman about the use of plastics.

This is how they will get there:

Over the next month, they want to
collect plastic bottle caps.

“A good portion of the plastic
waste washed up on the beach are bottle caps,” according to Lisa Bowyer, the
principal consultant at Liberty Consulting in Cayman.  “They are symbolic of the amount of bottles

To ensure they have sufficient caps
of 7,000 to 10,000 in appropriate colours, they want to collect more caps over
the next four weeks.

Then they have to secure the proper
space to invite kids to sort out the caps into colours.  The design will then be mapped out, ready for
the creation of the piece of art by volunteers a few days later.

The design of the piece will depend
on the colours of the caps and the creativity of the artist at the time.

Only caps will be used in the
mosaic, which will have the 350 logo somewhere in it.  It will be a permanent display, roughly
6-by-9 feet, for an inside location.

It will be able to be transported
for display at up to six locations on the island over a set period starting in

The 350 Organisation reached out to
their Corporate Green Team Network of businesses (including the Cayman Free
Press) to collect the caps and store them until the time of sorting.

“We will also invite the companies
to host a display of the piece once completed,” she said.

Ms. Bowyer will be preparing
one-page flyers for companies to post at their offices and receptacles to
collect the caps during November.

“We will be recording the number of
caps collected and the time taken as this is good data for the awareness of
consumption,” she said.

The organisation is hoping that the
piece is completed by Christmas time.


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