Afghanistan wedding tragedy

Sixty-five people have been killed
after a roof collapsed on a wedding party in Afghanistan’s northern Baghlan

More than 40 of the dead are
thought to be women and children.

A senior Afghan official said
dozens more had been wounded at the celebration.

Jawad Bashart added that the house
was overloaded and was only made of mud bricks.

He said the women had been
celebrating on the top floor, separately from the men, when the roof collapsed.

“There was a wedding in Warchi
village of Jalga district of Baghlan province when the roof collapsed, killing
more than 40 women and children,” said Governor Munshi Abdul Majid.

The wedding was being held in a
three-story village house when the roof caved in.

Officials say the houses
there are all very old. They’re made of mud bricks and covered with wood. The
unusual weight of so many people and the age of the house could have been a
reason for the collapse.

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