Online poll: Looking forward to Pirates Week

More than 60 per cent of
respondents to a Caymanian Compass online poll say they are likely to attend at
least one event during Pirates Week.

Of the 431 who responded to the poll,
97, or 22.5 per cent, said they would go to as many functions as they could;
62, or 14.6 per cent said they would attend two to four events; while 101
people, or 23.4 per cent of voters, said they were attend “maybe one”.

Pirates Week – Cayman’s annual
national festival – is now in its 33rd year. This year, it will be held between
11 and 21 November and will involve 11 days of music, street dances,
competitions, games, local food and drink, kids’ days, a glittering parade,
sports events, heritage days, pirate invasion and fireworks.

A voter who said maybe one event
would be enough added: “Just the opening fireworks, then off to home again.
Pirates Week is very boring now.”

Another who responded that he or
she would attend just one event said: “The food at the district days is what I

Pirates Week events included a day
dedicated to each of Cayman’s districts and involved local arts and crafts
displays and food.

Another 29.7 per cent, or 128
voters, said they would not be attending any Pirates Week events because it was
not for them. One of those respondents declared: “Pirates Week is wickedness.
Ban it for good!” Another replied: “Pirates Week is an abomination against

A respondent who wants to go to two
to four events stated: “Looking forward to the fireworks, a great parade and
district days and food!” Another, who will attend two to four events,
congratulates the North Side district for its plan to offer free admission.

These straitened times also led to
this response from a voter who also wants to go to two to four events – “Once
the price is right, times [are] too hard to be paying entry fees and turn
around and buy food!”

Another voter said: “I enjoy the
evening street parties; Fab 5 were good last year.”

A newcomer to the Islands, who intends
to go to as many of the Pirates Week events he or she can, declared: “We are
new and want to see it all.”

Another respondent is looking
forward to the fireworks display, and also had a suggestion – “The fireworks
are always amazing, but why not have a firework on New Years Eve in Hog Sty Bay
as well?”

One voter, who plans to attend as
many events as possible, summed it up by saying: “Fun, fun, fun.”


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