That Still, Small Voice…

Life is full of surprises, and when
I was asked by Peter Westin to review a book of poems he had written with his
dear friend, Brenda Quin, this was another of them. He knows, as does Brenda,
that I have been more than a little cynical on poetry that doesn’t rhyme.

Thinking about his request, I
surmised that this may have been the reason because, if I like it, then it must
appeal to the masses.

So, a couple of evenings ago, I
read the little book of treasures called That Still, Small Voice… and I was
immediately caught up in this wonderful world these two authors have captured
between the pages. And what a world it is. I re-read the book and read it again.
Peter didn’t say I could keep it, but he won’t be getting it back, even if I
have to buy it! Whatever the price, it will be good value. You must have
gleaned that I do like the read.

I used the word ‘treasures’ and I
did not write it down trivially. The ‘little’ book is full of gems – nearly all
are about life. Whether expressing one’s personal thoughts, or describing
nature and illustrating with words the four classical elements, everything
makes you think.

Brenda has many poems relating to
incidents, places and people in her very rich past life. She is widely
travelled and has an incredible memory for detail and imagery. Peter is almost
prophetic in his poems and uses descriptive words I would never have thought of
for the most commonplace things. I wish I had thought of them.

Some of the poems are long, keeping
you on the edge of your toes with every line moving the plot in ever turning
circles. Others are only three short lines but the words keep you thinking for
a long time.

One of these, “Upon seeing a
recognised face” says:

“Suddenly my thoughts are gone,

a pile of leaves

in a wind.”

A medium-sized one called “Bounty”
includes the lines:

“Waves caress the coastline rocks,

ebb and flow as life within us.”

One of the longer ones called “The
voice of God” starts off:

“Today, I heard the voice of God

speaking softly to me inside

the intricate and beautiful belly

of a flower.”

Included in the book is an
additional poem by Kathleen Westin entitled “Autumn” and making the interesting

“Every animal, tree, and blade of
grass knows

the verge of transformation.”

I hope, by just showing these few
illustrations, it will make you want to become Olive Twists and beg for more.
You won’t be ‘bound for hell’ for asking. You will be well rewarded. I urge you
to buy yourself a copy and your friends one or two, or more.

Colin (CG) Wilson is a professional
writer and a Full Member of the Writers Guild of Great Britain.


A book launch and signing of That
Still, Small Voice will be held at Book Nook at Galleria Plaza on West Bay Road
from 11am to 1pm on Saturday, 30 October. Poets Peter Westin and Brenda Quin
will read from their book, which will be on sale for $12.

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