Junior Achievement is thriving

This year Junior Achievement Company Programme has 14 sponsors companies and 260 student participants from 10 different schools across the Cayman Islands.

The programme started last month when a training session took place for the advisors to ensure they were prepared to take on the task of mentoring young adults.

“The training session was very useful and I especially enjoyed hearing stories from the past achievers’ point-of-view as this gave us great tips on how to interact with students, things to do and not do, etc,” said Christy Braggs, advisor with Cayman National Bank.

In addition to training them on programme policies and structure, Shannon Seymour, psychologist from the Wellness Centre, was invited to speak with the advisors on the appropriateness when working with young people.

“It was great having the psychologist speak as it provided clarity in how to head with issues between student and advisor as well as giving an overview on how young people think,” said Jelana Eckart, advisor with dms Oraganization.

In the programme, students are encouraged to use innovative thinking to learn business skills that support positive attitudes as they explore and enhance their career aspirations.

The latest in training took place at the St. Ignatius school hall where officer training was held for the achievers who were elected by company peers as president, vice president of finance, marketing human resources and production.

“The JA officer training was really helpful because I learned a lot of things that I didn’t know human resources was about and that human resources really is important for a company to have a certain department that watches and care for the needs of all employees,” said Catherine Ebanks, one of the student Junior Achievers.

Another JA student, Lloyd Barker, said: “The Junior Achievement officer training programme equipped us with brief, yet important essentials to allow us to be successful leaders throughout our JA company and future endeavours.”


The Junior Achievement programme continues its success.
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