Juniors are top with Jamaicans

Two Cayman riders did exceptionally well at an equestrian show in Jamaica recently to become joint champions in a series of events.

The Cayman Islands Equestrian Federation sent Ashley Scaletta who was the 14 & Under rep and Elsie Boone as the 16 & Under for the Caribbean Equestrian Association Junior Jumping Competition in Jamaica three weeks ago at the Kingston Polo Club and Equestrian Centre. Mary McTaggart was the coach.

The show jumping finals are spread across five countries, with each country hosting one round, getting a bye in one and travelling for three others. The Kingston Stadium jumping course was used for this round and included oxers (large fences), vertical and combination jumps.

Riders were penalised four faults for a knock-down and four for a refusal (horse refuses to jump) and a single fault penalty for a time violation.

After four rounds of jumping competition over two days, Cayman came away with second place at the event by only one point. Barbados won with only four faults, Cayman were second with five faults.

Jamaica came third with nine faults and Trinidad and Tobago were fourth with 20 faults.

Scaletta’s first round resulted in a knock down (four faults) and one time fault. Otherwise she had three clear rounds. Boone had a clean ride in all four rounds and no faults.

McTaggart said: “Jamaica put on a great show and the children who entered throughout the year put forward their horses which jumped beautifully. The standard of riding was very good and our riders performed well.

“We are pleased with the overall progression in the riding and as coach I am proud of our rider’s performance. The weekend was very successful with all teams having a win.”

Cayman shared the Caribbean Equestrian Association Junior Jumping Championship title and the Bernard Payen Memorial Shield with Jamaica after both countries ended with 15 points.

Barbados finished the championship in third spot with 10 points followed by Trinidad and Tobago with eight. Bermuda, who had already completed their schedule and did not compete in Kingston, ended with seven points.

Equestrian enthusiasts have another chance to enjoy riding skills this week. On Saturday there was a mock dressage show to prepare riders and horses for the mini dressage show at the equestrian centre in Linford Pierson Highway. As well as Scaletta and Bush, Rebecca Tower and Gina Bush will be competing.

It is staged by the Caribbean Equestrian Association with Cayman, Bermuda, Jamaica, Antigua, Barbados and Trinidad. The show is on Wednesday and Thursday of this week during various times.

For more information, go to: www.ciefcay.com

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