Donation buys testing strips

A donation by insurance provider Cayman First to the Cayman Islands Diabetic Support Group will go toward the purchase of testing strips for diabetics.

“Cayman First wholeheartedly supports the excellent work of the Cayman Diabetic Support Group which helps those in Cayman affected with diabetes in many ways: including providing financing for bulk purchasing of daily supplies, promoting education programs and by sending teenagers to diabetes camps,” said Seeta Paltoo, claims manager at Cayman First.

Christina Rowlandson, chairman of the support group said: “I would like to thank Cayman First for this generous donation which will help provide the much-needed purchase of testing strips for persons who have insurance but no medicine/supply coverage.

“While very costly, blood sugar testing is very important to health and safety.

By helping in this way, we hope to radically improve the lives of those who suffer from diabetes, and equip them for a complication-
free future.”

The Cayman Islands Diabetic Support Group advocates healthy lifestyles in which stress is managed, nutritious meals and daily exercise to enhance the action of insulin and reduce the short-term and long-term effects of diabetes caused by high blood sugar.

The support group is currently pursuing a partnership with the Diabetes Research Institute Foundation at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, Florida, which is a world leader in the search for a cure for diabetes. It runs regular classes where those suffering from diabetes can meet experts who can help them achieve a high quality of life.

Cayman First Insurance Company Limited was established in 1984 as Cayman General Insurance, and later became Sagicor General Insurance. The company is now part of Bahamas First General Insurance Company Ltd.

For more information on the Cayman Diabetic Support Group, visit and

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