Strikeforce prove hook the best

The Strikeforce crew are one of the most prolific teams in the sport of fishing and they added to that reputation thanks to their latest haul.

Strikeforce won the most awards at the annual Rotary and Lions Club of Grand Cayman fishing tournament. Titled Fishing for Community Service, the competition saw fishing in both Cayman Brac and Grand Cayman with its weigh station at Camana Bay.

Relative newcomer Nedra Ebanks hooked a number of fish that nabbed prizes in various categories. The West Bayer had the three heaviest tunas with weights of 86, 36.7 and 32.9 pounds and boasted the third-heaviest wahoo at 38.6lbs. For her efforts she claimed the CI$1,500 prize as the event’s top female angler. In fact Ebanks would take home quite a bit of money as she earned some CI$5,500 in prizes plus an additional $300 for the sale of the fish to local restaurants.

Boat captain Chris Briggs is no stranger to big winnings and tournament titles as he has often hits the waters alongside established West Bay fisherman Charles Ebanks. Briggs, who donated one of Nedra’s wahoos and her tuna to the Pines retirement home, states her performance was impressive.

“She did a good job for not having gone fishing from time she was a little girl,” Briggs said. “She handled it well. It takes a lot of determination to decide you’ll go 60 miles offshore to catch fish.”

Strikeforce were not only the crew to earn props over the weekend. Cayman Brac angler Stuart Conolly nabbed CI$2000 for the heaviest wahoo. He reeled in a 45lb whopper aboard Escapade captained by long-time friend George Hurlstone. The Way to Go fishermen were second in that category and earned CI$1000. Angler Mark Soto caught a 40.9lb wahoo under the watchful eye of captain Wayne Kirkconnell. Newcomer Com-in-style earned CI$300 for having the top junior angler catch. Devon Mourao had a 8.8lb barracuda with father and boat captain Shawn Mourao.

A pair of crews had more than one catch. The infamous Blue Moon gang, steadied by North Siders Douglas and Justin Ebanks, had the top dolphins. Douglas had the heaviest fish at 25.7lbs while crew member Edward Azan had the second-heaviest at 20.7lbs. From the Andrea crew members had a number of junior angler catches. Ryan Barnett was at the reel as he hauled in a 7.1lb and a 6.2lb barracuda under the watchful eye of father and boat captain Adrian Barnett.

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