Europe’s winter nightmare

Britain is braced for another week
of freezing temperatures, with more snow expected in Scotland, northern England
and Northern Ireland.

The whole country is set to stay
around or below zero – but south east England is at risk of snow showers on

The south west, most of Wales and
the Midlands are expected to generally escape the snow.

Some parts of Northern Ireland and
Scotland are expected to see snowfalls of between 5-10cm.

Inverness and Edinburgh airports
have been closed due to the severe weather.

Meanwhile, central England and
areas such as Gloucester and the Cotswolds are likely to see patches of
freezing fog.

The Met Office has issued severe
weather warnings for parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland as well as north
east England.

It said that people there should be
prepared for heavy snow and icy roads.

At least seven people have died
during the recent spell of bleak weather.

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